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The G2651 & G2652 Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaner provides a safe and effective means for cleaning test sieves. The cleaner produces 40,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second in a cleaning fluid bath, which cause contaminants to become dislodged from the sieve frame and cloth. In some cases where contamination is severe the sieve may have to be brushed before or after cleaning. A variety of cleaning solutions can be used, the most common is a combination of tap water with a few drops of dishwashing detergent. Please note that solutions which contain acids or chlorides will cause damage to the wash tank. The cleaner is furnished with a standard stainless steel ocillation tank, wire sieve holder, top cover, drain, operating indicator light, and a built-in timer. The unit will clean one 8" dia full-height sieve at a time.

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  • Model No. Description Price
    G2651 Sieve Cleaner, 115V/60Hz Call
    G2652 Sieve Cleaner, 230V/50Hz Call


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