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The testing screen is an ideal tool for sizing test samples of crushed stone, sand and gravel. Handles up to 1 cu. ft. sample batches. Samples are separated into two to seven sizes simultaneously in three to five minutes. The unit is built for rugged service. The outer frame encloses the vibrating unit which consists of a series of screen trays. Five coarse screen trays: 2", 1-1/2", 1", 3/4", and 1/2" (or other combination of coarse trays) and a dustpan are supplied with the unit, however, it will accommodate an extra tray if the dustpan is placed in the stationary position under the vibrating unit. The screening motion is a vertical vibration. The trays are held in place by manually operated threaded clamping rods. The testing screen is also available with a hydraulic clamping device. The hydraulic clamping is recommended for heavy-use situations. The trays are clamped and released quickly with a few motions of the hydraulic pump handle. The tray size is 18" X 26" and 3/4" deep.

  • Catalog Pages (PDF)

  • Model No. Description Price
    G2701 Testing Screen, Manual Clamping, 110V/60Hz Call
    G2701A Testing Screen W/O Trays, Manual Clamping, 110V/60Hz Call
    G2702 Testing Screen, Manual Clamping, 220V/50Hz Call
    G2705 Testing Screen, Hydraulic Clamping, 110V/60Hz Call
    G2705A Testing Screen W/O Trays, Hydraulic Clamping, 110V/60Hz Call
    G2706 Testing Screen, Hydraulic Clamping, 220V/50Hz Call

    Accessory No. Description Price
    G2711 Sand Attachment Call
    G2712 Sound Compartment Call
    G2714 Door Enclosure Call
    G2715 Automatic Timer, 15 Minute Call
    G2718 Clean-N-Weight Set Call
    G2723 Tray, 4'' thru # 4 Call
    G2725 Tray, # 5 thru # 14 Call
    G2727 Tray, # 16 thru # 200 Call
    G2731 Tray, # 200 Call
    G2734 Dust Pan Tray Call
    G2735 Round Tray, Holds 4'' thru 0.125'' Call
    G2738 Rack for 7 Trays Call
    G2739 Report Forms, 5 Pads Call
    G2740 Tray, Flat Wire, Less Screen Call
    G2741 Tray, Hook Wire, Less Screen Call
    G2742 Screen, 4'' thru # 4 Call
    G2743 Screen, # 5 thru # 14 Call
    G2744 Screen, # 16 thru # 100 Call
    G2745 Screen, # 200 Call
    G2748 Back-Up Suport for Screen Call


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