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The Test-Master testing screens are designed for coarse materials of mid-range density such as limestone or gravel. Similar to the G2705 except the Test-Master has an internal counter balance which eliminates the need for permanent anti-vibration mounting in trailers or near sensitive equipment. Balancing is achieved through the internal rotating weights which equalizes the action of the vibrating mechanism. The G2781 & G2782 holds six screen trays and pan. The G2785 & G2786 holds seven trays and pan, but closer tray spacing limits use of these models to 3/8" tray sizes and finer for the bottom four tray slots. The enclosed outer case confines dust and reduces noise. Also featured is a built-in timer which can be programed up to 99 min., 59 sec. The screen trays are hydraulically clamped in operating position by the foot-pedal clamping device. Five coarse series trays are furnished with the Test-Master: 2", 1-1/2", 1", 3/4", and 1/2" (or other combination of coarse trays).

  • Catalog Pages (PDF)

  • Model No. Description Price
    G2781 Test Master, 5-6'' Tray Cap 110V/60Hz Call
    G2781A Test Master W/O Trays, 5-6'' Tray Cap 110V/60Hz Call
    G2782 Test Master, 5-6'' Tray Cap 220V/50Hz Call
    G2785 Test Master, 7'' Tray Cap 110V/60Hz Call
    G3786 Test Master, 7'' Tray Cap 220V/50Hz Call

    Accessory No. Description Price
    G2711 Sand Attachment Call
    G2712 Sound Compartment Call
    G2714 Door Enclosure Call
    G2715 Automatic Timer, 15 Minute Call
    G2718 Clean-N-Weight Set Call
    G2723 Tray, 4'' thru # 4 Call
    G2725 Tray, # 5 thru # 14 Call
    G2727 Tray, # 16 thru # 100 Call
    G2731 Tray, # 200 Call
    G2734 Dust Pan Tray Call
    G2735 Round Tray, Holds 4'' thru 0.125'' Call
    G2738 Rack for 7 Trays Call
    G2739 Report Forms, 5 Pads Call
    G2740 Tray, Flat Wire, Less Screen Call
    G2741 Tray, Hook Wire, Less Screen Call
    G2742 Screen, 4'' thru # 4 Call
    G2743 Screen, # 5 thru # 14 Call
    G2744 Screen, # 16 thru # 100 Call
    G2745 Screen, # 200 Call
    G2748 Back-Up Suport for Screen Call
    G2791 Extra Pan, Regular Call
    G2792 Extra Pan, Deep Call


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