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These full capacity portable bench beam scales are for field or lab tests of density and unit weight. These self-contained scales are compact, portable, easy to operate, and rugged for use over extended periods of time. The scales housing is constructed of all steel with floating platform for lasting accuracy. Special cast aluminum alloy levers with adjustable hardened steel pivots. Self-aligning hardened steel bearings with friction points. These scales are furnished with mirrored balance indicators for fast, accurate and convenient viewing. Also, the reading beam is notched with clear and sharp graduations. The scales have a built-in platform and beam locking mechanisms to prevent damage during transport or during idle periods. They also feature a bubble level indicator and adjustable leveling legs. Each scale is factory calibrated and subject to rigid quality control standards. A carrying handle is also available (G5376 or G5377).

  • Catalog Pages (PDF)

  • Model No. Description Price
    G5662 Weight Set, 1,000 G x 1 G Call
    G5371 Unit Weight Scale, 52 LB Call
    G5372 Unit Weight Scale, 131 LB Call
    G5373 Unit Weight Scale, 301 LB Call
    G5374 Unit Weight Scale, 26 KG Call
    G5375 Unit Weight Scale, 52 KG Call

    Accessory No. Description
    G5376 Carrying Handle
    G5377 Carrying Handle


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