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The sand cone density test is a simple in-situ procedure for determination of soil density. The test is performed by removing and weighing an amount of soil, determining the moisture content, filling the hole with calibrated sand from a sand cone and computing the volume of the hole from the weight of sand used. Dry density and moisture content are reported. The sand cones are available in two sizes, 4" and 6-1/2" diameter openings. They are constructed entirely of brass to prevent corrosion. The 4" sand cones are furnished complete with a 2 quart glass jar. The 6-1/2" sand cones are furnished complete with a 1 gallon plastic jar. The S3621 12" Sand Cone is for determining the density of soils with large aggregates (AASHTO T-181) and is an alternative to AASHTO T-191. This sand cone is furnished with a control valve, aluminium rings, supports, aluminum container with plastic viewing insert, and aluminum base plate. The S3631 Direct Reading Sand Cone reduces time, work and expense of the test and exceeds required standards. The cylinder is graduated from 0.4 to 0.110 ft. cu. by 0.002 readable to about 0.0005. Also furnished with a soil tray which is not pictured. Also available X6711 & X6721 Ottawa Sand which is specifically graded for ASTM tests. The X6711 is 20-30 mesh which meets ASTM C-778, D1556 and AASHTO T-132 while the X6721 is 16-100 mesh meeting ASTM C-778 and AASHTO T-106. X6731 Density Sand is clean, dry, uniform, uncemented, durable and free flowing. Few particles pass a #200 sieve or are retained on a #10 sieve.

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  • Model No. Description ASTM Standard AASHTO Standard Price
    S3611 Sand Cone & Jar, 4'' D-1556 T-181, T-191 Call
    S3615 Sand Cone & Jar, 6-1/2'' D-1556 T-181, T-191 Call
    S3621 Sand Cone & Jar, 12'' D-1556 T-181, T-191 Call
    S3631 Direct Reading Sand Cone D-1556 T-181, T-191 Call

    Accessory No. Description Price
    S3612 Extra Jar Call
    S3617 Extra Jar Call
    S3641 Soil Tray Call
    S3645 Soil Tray Call
    X6711 Ottawa Sand, 20-30 Mesh Call
    X6721 Ottawa Sand, 16-100 Mesh Call
    X6731 Density Sand Call


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