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A&D Orion HR & HRi Series Analytical Balances

The Orion Series Scales offer ten units of measure including grams, carats, troy ounces, pennyweight and momme; and provides capacity of up to 320 grams (1550 ct). Operation is incredibly simple with a push of a clearly marked key. An optional battery pack allows maximum flexibility for environments where power is limited or portability is required.

  • HR-60 is legal-for-trade, class II
  • Large Weighing Chamber holds up to a 250mm volumetric flask Wide Angle LCD Display
  • Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Software
  • Multi-Functional Weighing: %, Counting, Grams, mg. oz ozt, dwt, ct, mom, GN, t, TL
  • Clearly Marked Operating Keys, Full Range Tare
  • Range Key: Suppresses least significant digit for faster speed & better stability when required
  • Counting Function: Maximizes accuracy with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement Function (ACAI)
  • Push Button Calibration
  • Front Key Selectable Weighing Filters: Ensures fast & stable results in all environmental conditions without switching off the balance
  • Outputs Serial Number of the Balance: Identifies stolen balance & greatly reduces capital goods inventory control
  • Enter balance's ID Number: For GLP records & identifying the balance
  • System Diagnosis: Identifies Overload, Weighing Pan Error, Power Failure, Digital Tare Error, Calibration Errors & Low Battery
  • Body & frame constructed of extra strong die-cast aluminum alloy
  • RS-232C Standard (HR-60-C, HR-120-C, HR-200-C, HR-202i, and HR-300i) or Option (HR-60, HR-120, HR-200, HR-300)
  • Optional Battery Pack
  • Last Digit Suppression
  • One Touch Printing
  • Last Digit Suppression
  • Standard Underhook
  • GLP/LIMS/ISO Compliant
  • "C" Models Include Serial Interface
  • 5 Year Warranty

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
HR-60-C 60g0.1mg85mm / 3.3" dia.
Your Price: $1,309.00

A&D Galaxy Series Compact Analytical Balances

The HR-A Series of Compact Analytical Balances are fast, accurate and reliable. They feature solid construction based on the A&D Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology which has delivered consistent weighing results day-in and day-out in thousands of laboratories and production facilities worldwide.

The HR-AZ models add highly reliable internal calibration. One-touch automatic calibration ensures consistent balance accuracy.

The HR-A and HR-AZ meet today’s demanding needs in:

  • Laboratory
  • Quality Control / QA
  • Production

environments and deliver performance with convenience in a compact footprint.

  • Removable, shatterproof breeze break with antistatic coating
  • Compact footprint: 20x30cm / 8x12in.
  • GLP/GCP/LIMS/ISO Compliant
  • 14 weighing units and functions: g, mg, oz, ozt, ct, dwt, GN, mom, tael, tola, %, pieces,density, statstical function and user-defined units.
  • Automatic internal calibration (HR-AZ models only)
  • Underhook weighing
  • Clear, reverse-backlit LCD
  • 5 Year Warranty!

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
HR-100A 102g0.1mgØ 90mm / 3.54"
Your Price: $1,309.80
HR-100AZ 102g0.1mgØ 90mm / 3.54"
Your Price: $1,611.30
HR-150A 152g0.1mgØ 90mm / 3.54"
Your Price: $1,379.50
HR-150AZ 152g0.1mgØ 90mm / 3.54"
Your Price: $1,690.80
HR-250A 252g0.1mgØ 90mm / 3.54"
Your Price: $1,508.60
HR-250AZ 252g0.1mgØ 90mm / 3.54"
Your Price: $1,793.50

A&D Apollo Series Advanced Analytical Balances

The Apollo series of advanced analytical balances take precision and protection to new heights. Smart-SHS is the latest advancement in A&D's super hybrid design, construction and algorithms with faster stabilization times (1 second is fast mode). GF-A models have external calibration, the GX-A feature internal calibration and the GX-AE have internal calibration with an integrated fanless ionizer to reduce static on samples. All models integrate GLP/GMP/GCP compliance with manufacturer, model, serial number, ID, date, time and signature for full calibration report. Password protection is offered for up to 11 users and 1 administrator. Flow Rate Display (FRD) streamlines and improves filling or dosing accuracy and precision. Impact Shock Detection (ISD) visually and audibly indicates the magnitudes of impact shocks and documents date, time and shock level.

Advanced Sensor Technology
Smart-SHS the latest advancement in our super hybrid design, construction & algorithms.

  • Increased productivity via faster stabilization times (1 second in fast mode).
  • Lower cost of ownership due to reduce number of parts and maintenance accessibility.

Innovative Solutions
Electronically Controlled Load (ECL) Initially does a self-diagnostic before performing an internal repeatability test without an external weight in < 1.5 minutes.

  • Dia-Check is the diagnostic result that validates if the balance critically passes or fails.
  • SD is standard deviation that allows for daily precision check ideal for S.O.P's
  • QuickMin-S determines minimum sample weight in any given environment.
  • Min-S Alert – Alerts user to ensures they are operating within USP41 compliance.

Impact Shock Detection (ISD)

  • Impact-Alert visually & audible indicates the magnitudes of impact shocks.
  • Shock-log documents date, time, and shock level.

Flow Rate Display (FRD) streamline & improve filling or dosing accuracy & precision.

  • FR-Cal calculates, displays/outputs the mass or volume flow rate by entering density.
  • FR-Compare is a comparator which provides feedback if the flow rate is within limits.
  • FR-Secure stores tare values in our non-volatile memory if application was disrupted.

Good Data Management

  • External Calibration easy one touch button performs & document external calibration.
  • Universal Flexi Coms (UFC) edit serial data output making label printing possible.
  • Password-Protect offers password-protection up to 11 users and 1 administrator.
  • GLP/GMP/GCP Compliance outputs manufacturer, model, serial number, ID, date, time, signature for full calibration report.

Practical Features
Leveling Made Easy

  • Level me prompt, turn on, screen blinks for 5 seconds to prompt user to level.
  • Bright-bubble - Large, easy-to-see, front mounted spirit level with LED Illumination.
  • Fly-thumbwheel is effortless & accessible allows ergonomic adjustment with anti-slip feet.

Simple User Interface

  • Six straightforward keys - ON/OFF, CAL, MODE, SAMPLE, PRINT, REZERO.
  • Reverse Backlit LCD is a large display with great B&W contrast provides excellent visibility.

Cleanable Robust Construction

  • Eliminate static interference with built-in fanless ionizer (only AE versions)
  • Stainless Steel Pan & Dust-plate can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • "Click & Lift" detachable chamber & collapsible side doors that save on space.
  • Die-cast Aluminum housing provides extra stability and durability.

Flexible Interface & Security

  • Standard RS-232C & USB - Toggle between the Quick USB mode or Virtual COM mode (bi-directional). A USB cable comes standard.
  • Security Slot - Anti-theft lock (such as Kensington) to prevent loss.
  • 5 year warranty

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
GF-124A 122 g0.1 mgØ90 mm
Your Price: $1,642.80
GF-224A 220 g0.1 mgØ90 mm
Your Price: $1,796.20
GF-324A 320 g0.1 mgØ90 mm
Your Price: $2,120.90
GX-124A 122 g (Internal Cal.)0.1 mgØ90 mm
Your Price: $2,068.50
GX-224A 220 g (Internal Cal.)0.1 mgØ90 mm
Your Price: $2,230.80
GX-324A 320 g (Internal Cal.)0.1 mgØ90 mm
Your Price: $2,489.10
GX-124AE 122 g (Internal Cal., Ionizer)0.1 mgØ90 mm
Your Price: $2,906.70
GX-224AE 220 g (Internal Cal., Ionizer)0.1 mgØ90 mm
Your Price: $3,032.60
GX-324AE 320 g (Internal Cal., Ionizer)0.1 mgØ90 mm
Your Price: $3,257.80

A&D Gemini GR Series Analytical Balances

The GR Series balances provide a larger weighing chamber and smaller footprint than conventional balances. These analytical balances are easy to use and calibrate, and adjust their settings based on environmental changes.

  • Requires 30% less footprint space
  • Fully Automatic Self-Calibration
  • One Touch Calibration
  • Easy Access Door
  • Splash Proof Keyboard and Display
  • Data Memory Function - Store up to 200 measurements
  • Two Layer Housing Construction
  • Advanced Stabilization Software
  • Automatic Adjustable Environment Setting
  • Multiple Weighing UnitsGLP Compliance
  • Standard RS-232C allows bidirectional communication with PC
  • Standard Underhook
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Bundled with A&D's new WinCT Software
  • Built-in Motorized Calibration Weight
  • 5 Year Warranty

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
GR-202 42g / 210g0.01mg / 0.1mg85mm / 3.3" dia.
Your Price: $3,363.70
GR-120 120g0.1mg85mm / 3.3" dia.
Your Price: $2,085.90
GR-200 210g0.1mg85mm / 3.3" dia.
Your Price: $2,371.50
GR-300 310g0.1mg85mm / 3.3" dia.
Your Price: $2,951.40

A&D Phoenix GH Series Analytical Balances

Phoenix Series balances economically provide high-end features and performance. These analytical balances provide advanced resolution, are easy to use and calibrate, and adjust their settings based on environmental changes.

  • Resolution to 0.01mg
  • Percentage and Counting Modes, Multiple Weighing Units
  • Tall 251mm (9.88") Weighing Chamber
  • Built-in Motorized Calibration Weight
  • Automatic or Manual Full Digital Calibration
  • One Touch Environmental Filters
  • GLP/LIMS/ISO Compliant
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Standard Underhook
  • Data Memory (up to 200)
  • RS-232C and WinCT Software Standard
  • Time and Date

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
GH-120 120g0.1mg90mm / 3.6" dia.
Your Price: $2,399.10
GH-200 220g0.1mg90mm / 3.6" dia.
Your Price: $2,724.30
GH-300 320g0.1mg90mm / 3.6" dia.
Your Price: $3,234.70
GH-202 220g / 51g0.1mg /0.01mg90mm / 3.6" dia.
Your Price: $3,635.90
GH-252 250g / 101g0.1mg /0.01mg90mm / 3.6" dia.
Your Price: $4,009.50

A&D ION Series Analytical Balances

Weighing is at the heart of many laboratory processes and the Ion Series offers the features, performance and standard accessories to bring real convenience to your lab. Critical to precision weighing is static control, which is why the direct current fanless ionizer is standard on all models.The automatic response adjustment function uses environmental data from built-in sensors to compensate the balance’s characteristics to deliver fast and stable results. Calibration is also automatic and always available with a single key press. A range of accessories add extra convenience.

  • Built-in fanless Ionizer Standard
  • Large Weighing Chamber
  • Automatic Filter Response Adjustment due to drafts and/or vibration
  • Automatic Self Calibration due to temperature changes
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO Compliant
  • Removable Separation Plate for Weighing of Taller Objects
  • Clear Metal Coated Anti-Static Glass
  • AD-1688 Data Logger Included

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
BM-200 220g0.1mg90mm dia.
Your Price: $3,300.60
BM-300 320g0.1mg90mm dia.
Your Price: $3,439.80
BM-500 520g0.1mg90mm dia.
Your Price: $4,794.60