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A&D Borealis BA-T Micro/Semi-Micro Balances

With a 5-inch wide color touch screen, the A&D Borealis BA-T series micro and semi-micro balances bring maximum operability, enhanced functionality and a broader range of solutions. All models come standard with an external ionizer (static eliminator).

  • 5 inch color touch screen display makes operation a breeze
  • Auto-Self Internal Calibration feature to adjust for temperature variations, ensuring consistent results
  • Standard external ionizer helps to eliminate errors due to static electricity
  • Automatic doors controlled by IR sensors allow for smooth and efficient access to the weighing chamber
  • 5 year warranty

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
BA-6TE 6.2 g0.001 mgØ25 mm
Your Price: $19,687.50
BA-6DTE 2.1/6.2 g (dual range)0.01/0.001 mgØ25 mm
Your Price: $18,281.30

A&D ION Series Micro Balances

Weighing is at the heart of many laboratory processes and the Ion Series offers the features, performance and standard accessories to bring real convenience to your lab. The ION Series lets you handle with confidence even trace quantities of valuable or degradable substances. Critical to precision weighing is static control, which is why the direct current fanless ionizer is standard on all models. The automatic response adjustment function uses environmental data from built-in sensors to compensate the balance’s characteristics to deliver fast and stable results. Calibration is also automatic and always available with a single key press. A range of accessories add extra convenience. The ION microbalances have the performance and standard accessories to simplify microgram measurements. These balances now make microgram (µg) measurements accessible to all researchers and offers a real choice in microbalances.

  • Built-in fanless Ionizer Standard
  • Large Weighing Chamber
  • Automatic Filter Response Adjustment due to drafts and/or vibration
  • Automatic Self Calibration due to temperature changes
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO Compliant
  • Removable Separation Plate for Weighing of Taller Objects
  • Clear Metal Coated Anti-Static Glass
  • AD-1688 Data Logger Included

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
BM-5 5.2 g0.001 mgØ25 mm
Your Price: $15,904.70
BM-5D 2.1 / 5.2 g0.001 / 0.01 mgØ25 mm
Your Price: $15,023.40
BM-20 22g0.001mg (1µg)25mm (50mm, 95mm for weighing filters)
Your Price: $17,432.80
BM-22 5.1g / 22g0.001mg (1µg) / 0.01mg (10µg)25mm (50mm, 95mm for weighing filters)
Your Price: $16,551.60