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Milwaukee Instruments Calibration Solutions

Use genuine Milwaukee Instruments calibration solutions to calibrate your Milwaukee meter. Choose from reusable bottles or single use sachettes.

Traditional bottle buffer solutions are packed in 230 mL leak-proof bottles and are recommended for lab applications.

Sachets are sealed against light and air and are ideal for on-the-spot calibration. Simply open, insert the tester or electrode into the sachet and calibrate. Sachets are sold inboxes of 25 pieces.

MA9020 ORP200 - 275 mV230 ml bottle
Your Price: $13.89
MA9025 ORPoxidation preparation2 x 2oz bottles
Your Price: $10.40

Thermo Orion® pH Specialty Solutions and ORP Standards

Orion OPR standards are designed for use with gel-filled ORP/ATC Triode™ electrodes (9179BNMD and 9179BN); refillable ORP/ATC Triode electrodes (9180BNMD and 9180BN); glass-bodied ORP electrodes, (9778BNWP and 9778SC); and Sure-Flow™ ORP electrodes, (9678BNWP and 967800).

  • Does not contain hazardous chemicals
  • Included in the new ASTM ORP method
  • Used as relative mV standard to calibrate the offset of sample
  • +220mV vs. Ag/AgCl using 4M KCl saturated with AgCl filling solution (Part No. 900011), +420mV vs. Standard Hydrogen Electrode (EH)

Measuring RangePrecisionTemperature Range
967901 +220mV/+420mV (Ag/AgCl)475mL
Your Price: $59.60
967961 +220mV/+420mV (Ag/AgCl)5 x 60mL
Your Price: $84.20