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Core Drill Bits

These segmented diamond Core Bits are for use on asphalt and concrete. These premium bits are professional grade for the serious contractor. These bits are used wet only. Standard length is 14", however other lengths can be special ordered. Bits are closed end and do not require an expander adapter.

DescriptionASTM StandardAASHTO Standard
CBA08P Asphalt Core Bit, 4'', 9 Segments
CBA12P Asphalt Core Bit, 5-3/4'', 13 Segments
CBA13P Asphalt Core Bit, 6'', 13 Segments
CBC19P Concrete Core Bit, 11-3/4'', 24 Segments
CBC20P Concrete Core Bit, 13-3/4'', 28 Segments
CBC02P Concrete Core Bit, 2'', 5 Segments
CBC06P Concrete Core Bit, 3-1/4'', 8 Segments
CBC07P Concrete Core Bit, 3-3/4'', 9 Segments
CBC09P Concrete Core Bit, 4-1/4'', 10 Segments
CBC11P Concrete Core Bit, 5-1/4'', 12 Segments
CBC13P Concrete Core Bit, 6'', 13 Segments
CBC14P Concrete Core Bit, 6-1/4'', 14 Segments
CBC16P Concrete Core Bit, 7-3/4'', 16 Segments