Dillon Tension Meters

Dillon tension meters monitors tension within a line or cable that passes through it. Typical applications include tower guy wire and pretensioned cable barriers, elevators, lifts, gondolas, winch rope, fall arrest systems, prestressed concrete, aircraft cables and utilities.
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Dillon Quick-Check "Red" Tension Meters

The Dillon Quick-Check Tension Meter quickly measures tension in cable guardrails, guy lines and overhead wires. It installs, measures and removes in seconds. The digital loadcell is highly accurate and requires no lookup or correction tables.

The Fastest Cable Tension Meter

The Dillon Quick-Check can be placed on a cable, measure its tension, and removed in under five seconds! There are no complex lookup tables, no conversion charts. The operator can quickly select from 20 different wire sizes and types stored in Quick-Check's memory. The Check-Tensioning mode graphically displays the current and target tensions for extremely quick setting of line tension. Even the infrequent battery changes are quick.

Broad Application

The Quick-Check can be employed in many industries to ensure proper tensioning. Typical applications include tower and stack guy wires, pretensioned cable barriers, bridges, elevators, winch rope, overhead electric transit wires, fall arrest systems, aircraft cables and utilities.

  • Store wire rope readings and export data (ideal for tower data collection)
  • Time saving check-tensioning mode
  • Portable and rugged - designed for outdoor use
  • Built-in averaging save time and eliminates errors
  • Factory calibrated for up to 20 unique wire sizes and types
  • Sheaves with bearings eliminate friction and provide the best accuracy
  • Accommodates a wide range of wire sizes and styles
  • Telescoping handle engages meter quickly with minimal effort
  • Highly visible yellow finish
  • Easy-to-read backlit display with full-text prompts
  • RS-232 Port
  • Easy to use soft-key interface
  • Uses popular AA batteries and has long life between changes
  • Note: Cannot be used with sheathed cables

AWT05-508112 2,000 lbf / 10 kN / 1,000 kgf2 lbf / 10 N / 1 kgf
Your Price: $3,206.30
AWT05-508111 10,000 lbf / 45 kN / 4,500 kgf10 lbf / 50 N / 5 kgf
Your Price: $3,272.80
AWT05-508251 10,000 lbf / 45 kN / 4,500 kgf10 lbf / 50 N / 5 kgf
Your Price: $4,921.00