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Thermo Scientific Thermolyne Thermal Rocker® Incubator

Ideal for Hybridization of Transfer Membranes!
Accommodate different-size containers and heat-sealed plastic bags with the Thermo Scientific™ Thermal Rocker Incubator, which operates with and without heat. An excellent alternative to higher-priced hybridization incubators for agitation of blotting membranes under controlled temperatures. This incubator provides smooth, gentle adjustable rocking from 0 to 100 cycles/min. to meet a variety of mixing needs.,

  • Accommodates different size containers and heat sealed plastic bags
  • Temperature ranges from ±5°C to 70°C to cover a wide range of molecular biology applications
  • Operates with and without heat
  • 24 Month Warranty on Components

Chamber / VolumeTemperature RangeController Type
4637-1CEQ 14.9" x 14.9"Ambient +5°C - 70°CDigital
Your Price: $2,515.10
4637Q 14.9" x 14.9"Ambient +5°C - 70°CDigital
Your Price: $2,389.00