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San-Xin San-Xin Portable Water Hardness Meter

The San-Xin YD300 is one of the first true portable water hardness meters. Instead of estimating water hardness with a conductivity meter, this meter actually measures the concentrations of Calcium and Magnesium ions in the water. The YD300 uses a patented water hardness combination electrode that incorporates temperature compensation and is fast and easy to use. The meter utilizes an intelligent chip design that supports automatic calibration, data storage and a low battery voltage indicator. The YD300 supports the ability to switch between eight commonly used water hardness units, including mmol/L, mg/l (CaCO3), mg/L (CaO), mmol/L (Boiler), mg/L (Ca) and three optional units °fH (france), °,dH (Germany) and °eH (UK) from the WH-Link communication software. The YD300 is also IP57 waterproof rated. This meter comes as kit and includes B1, B2, B3 calibration solutions and a handy portable case for carrying everything needed to conduct tests.

  • Measures actual water hardness (Calcium and Magnesium ion concentration)
  • Portable meter is IP57 rated waterproof
  • 8 commonly used water hadness units
  • battery powered
  • Intelligent chip design with automatic calibration, data storage and date and time
  • Patented combination electrode
  • Kit includes meter, electrode, calibration solutions, sample bottles and hard shell carrying case.

ParametersMeasuring RangeResolution
YD300 Water Hardness1.5 x 10-2 to 1.00 x 102 mmol/L0.01 and 0.1 water hardness units
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