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A&D ION Series Micro Balances

Weighing is at the heart of many laboratory processes and the Ion Series offers the features, performance and standard accessories to bring real convenience to your lab. The BM-20 and BM-22 let you handle with confi dence even trace quantities of valuable or degradable substances. Critical to precision weighing is static control, which is why the direct current fanless ionizer is standard on all models. The automatic response adjustment function uses environmental data from built-in sensors to compensate the balance’s characteristics to deliver fast and stable results. Calibration is also automatic and always available with a single key press. A range of accessories add extra convenience.

Microgram (?g) Measurements Made Simpler.

The BM-20 and BM-22 microbalances have the performance and standard accessories to simplify microgram measurements. The Ion Series now makes microgram ( µg ) measurements accessible to all researchers and offers a real choice in microbalances.

  • Built-in fanless Ionizer Standard
  • Large Weighing Chamber
  • Automatic Filter Response Adjustment due to drafts and/or vibration
  • Automatic Self Calibration due to temperature changes
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO Compliant
  • Removable Separation Plate for Weighing of Taller Objects
  • Clear Metal Coated Anti-Static Glass
  • AD-1688 Data Logger Included

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
BM-20 22g0.001mg (1µg)25mm (50mm, 95mm for weighing filters)
Your Price: $14,790.00
BM-22 5.1g / 22g0.001mg (1µg) / 0.01mg (10µg)25mm (50mm, 95mm for weighing filters)
Your Price: $13,668.00

Mettler Toledo XS3DU Microbalance

The METTLER TOLEDO XS3DU Microbalance offers fundamental functionality with superb weighing performance in a 800 mg fine range with a 1 microgram readability. The class best repeatability of below 0.8 microgram is the key for utmost measurement reliability. An advantage significantly reduces waste of sample and time by unnecessarily test repetitions. METTLER TOLEDO’s XS3DU microbalance is designed to boost efficiency and reproducibility of your work.

  • World-leading weighing performance: The XS3DU micro balance is equipped with a high performance micro weighing cell to provide highest reproducibility in your weighing results
  • Excellent user friendliness: The tailored, via touch screen programmable, display makes operation fast and easy and is unique in its class
  • Connectivity: Pace-setting interfacing flexibility - including Ethernet, Bluetooth (wireless connection) and PS/2 - for efficient data capture and easy network integration
  • Integrated - U- anti-static kit (option): Driven by the motor, this option discharge static samples instantly without any risk of contamination
  • Monochrome display - with touch screen operation
  • SmartTrac: graphic weighing-in aid, to track capacity and weighing tolerances
  • Up to 11 shortcut keys for special functions
  • 3 definable info fields for user and sample identification
  • In-built RS232C, two auxiliary interfaces for connecting a keyboard or additional IR sensor for hands-free operation
  • Slot for a second optional interface such as LocalCAN, Ethernet, RS232, USB, MiniMettler, Bluetooth, PS/2
  • Glass draft shield with manual door opening
  • Replaceable display protective cover
  • Below-the-balance weighing facility
  • Weighing cell with overload protection
  • Display various units of weight
  • Perform differential weighing
  • Carry out piece counting and percent weighing operations
  • Make statistical evaluations

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
XS3DU 0.8 g / 3.1 g1 µg / 10 µg16 mm / 0.63" Dia.
Your Price: $21,861.00

Mettler Toledo XPE Micro-analytical Balances

Building upon the success of their premium XP Series micro and semi-micro balances, Mettler Toledo introduces the XPE series of Micro-analytical balances. With readabilities down to 1 µg and capacities up to 52 g, the XPE series give you the highest capacity with the lowest possible minimum weights. These new balances allow you to dose directly into larger tare containers, saving valuable materials and reducing production costs. These new micro balances feature the large detachable color touchscreen display of the XPE series. Readings are fast and accurate! All XPE balances feature Mettler's ProFact automatic time/temperature controlled automatic calibration.

  • High resolution technology
  • proFACT advanced internal adjustment with sensitivity testing
  • Internal temperature control
  • StaticDetect™
  • Large Color Touchscreen
  • Support for 11 languages
  • ErgoClip Micro for direct dosing
  • Easy cleaning
  • SmartGrid micro hanging weigh pan
  • SmartTrac guided dosing to target
  • Automatic inner and outer draft shields
  • SmartSens for hands-free operation
  • Graphical on screen leveling and level warning
  • MinWeigh protection
  • TestManager™
  • FACT, GWP and Admin history
  • 8 users with password protection
  • StatusLight™ indicates when the balance is ready to weigh or not.
  • LabX software ready
  • RFID communiction ready
  • Compact ionizer ready
  • 1 year Warranty

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
XPE26 22 g0.001 mg40 x 40 mm
Your Price: $28,395.00
XPE56 52 g0.001 mg40 x 40 mm
Your Price: $33,651.00
XPE26DR 5.1 g / 22 g0.002 / 0.01 mg40 x 40 mm
Your Price: $24,228.00
XPE56DR 11 g / 52 g0.002 / 0.01 mg40 x 40 mm
Your Price: $30,852.00

Mettler Toledo XPR Series Microbalances

Taking Weighing to New Limits

METTLER TOLEDO's new XPR microbalances incorporate a range of innovative new technologies to deliver the highest accuracy in their class and help make your micro-weighing tasks simpler, safer and more secure. With precious samples available only in the smallest quantities, you need to get your analyses right first time. To make the most of your valuable resources XPR microbalances deliver a unique level of precision with exceptionally low minimum weights. XPR microbalances are made for weighing toxic and/or hazardous substances in a protected environment where user safety demands are high. They fit perfectly in these challenging environments thanks to a small footprint, an ergonomic SmartView terminal and other functions which support your daily work. The capacitive touchscreen allows you to 'swipe' through settings, applications and methods. Measurements are stored in a built-in results notepad. Your task methods can be stored in the method library and quickly accessed. This saves you time and provides higher process security.

Valid results guaranteed
  • Minimum weight as low as 30 µg
  • Repeatability improved by 25%
  • Continuous QA monitoring
  • Balance ready StatusLight™
Safe Operation
  • Small space-saving footprint
  • Two-terminal concept
  • Touch-free operation
  • Easy cleaning
Efficient Processes
  • User guidance
  • Built-in results notepad
  • Customized method library
  • Direct data transfer

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
XPR2 2.1 g0.001 mg (1µ g)27 mm
Your Price: $23,823.00
XPR2U 2.1 g0.0001 mg (0.1µ g)16 mm
Your Price: $35,667.00
XPR6U 6.1 g0.0001 mg (0.1µ g)n/a
Your Price: $37,035.00
XPR6UD5 6.1 g0.0005 mg (0.5µ g)27 mm
Your Price: $29,106.00
XPR10 10.1 g0.001 mg (1µ g)27 mm
Your Price: $30,438.00