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Veritas i-Thermo Series Moisture Balances

The new i-Thermo series moisture balance offers an innovative double casing and double microprocessor design to ensure outstanding performance. The outer plastic shell encases an inner cast aluminum shell with two chambers to separately enclose the weighing unit and electronic boards. This unique aspect of the i-Thermo moisture analyzers protect the weighing cell from heat radiated from the heating chamber above. Two microprocessors ensure outstanding performance by dedicating a processor to both the weighing cell and the heating element. The i-Thermo has milligram resolution and a moisture readability of 0.01% with a halogen heating element.

  • Dual processor design for high performance
  • Double case construction ensures high heating and weighing performance
  • Halogen heating element
  • RS-232 interface standard
  • Data - date and time, starting weight, final weight, moisture, temperature, test time
  • 0.01% readability
  • Automatic calibration (requires external weight)
  • Automatic off according to time or percentage moisture loss
  • Largest pan size available 100mm
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Optional printer available

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
62L 60 g0.01 g3.9" / 100 mm
Your Price: $899.00
163L 160g0.001g100mm / 3.9 inches
Your Price: $999.00
A64M 60 g0.1 mg3.9" / 100 mm
Your Price: $1,599.00

A&D MS/MX/MF/ML Series Moisture Analyzers

The AND Weighing MS/MX/MF/ML series moisture analyzers are ideal for food, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, or any moisture analysis application, particularly those needing GLP/GMP/ISO compliance.

  • 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Fast & uniform heating with halogen lamp and uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter
  • WinCT-Moisture Software (standard with MS & MX, option with MF) displays a real-time graph of moisture content rate change
  • Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate is provided as a stable moisture content for accuracy checks of the analyzer
  • Five Measurement Programs: Standard, Automatic, Timer, Manual, Quick
  • Clear and easy-to-see VFD display
  • Glass window for heating check and easy cleaning
  • Self-check function
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Standard bi-directional RS-232C
  • Conformity to GLP, GMP, GCP and ISO with time/date, ID, calibration data and check record outputs
  • High Repeatability of 0.01% with Super Hybrid Sensor Technology
  • Full Digital Calibration
  • Low Maintenance Cost

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
MS-70 71 g0.0001 g85 mm dia. / 2.16" dia.
Your Price: $4,361.25
MX-50 51 g0.001 g85 mm dia. / 2.16" dia.
Your Price: $2,722.50
MF-50 51 g0.002 g85 mm dia. / 2.16" dia.
Your Price: $2,201.25
ML-50 51 g0.005 g85 mm dia. / 2.16" dia.
Your Price: $1,852.50
MS-70 DEMO 71 g0.0001 g85 mm dia. / 2.16" dia.
Your Price: $3,375.00
MX-50 DEMO 51 g0.001 g85 mm dia. / 2.16" dia.
Your Price: $2,025.00
MF-50 DEMO 51 g0.002 g85 mm dia. / 2.16" dia.
Your Price: $1,675.00
ML-50 DEMO 51 g0.005 g85 mm dia. / 2.16" dia.
Your Price: $1,425.00

Veritas M5-Thermo Touchscreen Moisture Balances

Veritas M5-iThermo touch screen balances are moisture balances with large 5" color touchscreeen displays that give a user-friendly interface to all the balances advanced applications and internal database. The interface provides easy and intuitive access with fast programming of drying cycles thanks to icon-driven navigation menus. This provides more efficiency, productivity and interactivity. A double case housing structure protects the heart of the balance: an aluminum inner case and a composite plastic external case. Many on-board functions are included including the ability of calibrating the internal thermometer using the optional optional temperature calibration KIT. Also included are 6 operating languages, a large 5" inch display and RS232 serial output.

  • High resolution load cell weighing system
  • Halogen-infrared lamp
  • Large 5" color touchscreen 800x480 display
  • Drying resolution from 0.01 - 0.001%
  • Drying modes: Time mode (1-99 min.), Autostop % or absolute autostop in grams, Manual
  • Real time drying graph
  • Temperature profiles: standard, fast, mild, steps
  • Results: moisture %, dry residue %, ATRO %, weight
  • Full drying graph on completion
  • Default database with 30 products already included and the ability to store up to 300 products
  • 3000 record storage per user with drying results and graphs
  • Customizable settings for up to 10 users with optional password protection
  • RS232 Serial output for connection to printer
  • USB port for export/import of test results database

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
M5-THERMO 62L 60 g0.01 g (0.1%)Ø3.9" (100mm)
Your Price: $1,499.00
M5-THERMO 163L 160 g1 mg (0.01%)Ø3.9" (100mm)
Your Price: $1,499.00
M5-THERMO 163M 160 g1 mg (0.01%)Ø3.9" (100mm)
Your Price: $1,599.00
M5-THERMO A64M 60 g0.1 mg (0.001%)Ø3.9" (100mm)
Your Price: $1,799.00

Adam Equipment PMB Series Moisture Analyzers

Adam Equipment's PMB moisture balances set a new standard for data communication making recording results faster and easier. Use the USB interface and connect a memory stick to download the results as they are taken and store them for future analysis, no need for additional software to take readings from the balance giving the user total freedom to collect data on a production floor or in the field.

The PMB's fast response time and easy-to-use functionality make it the ideal moisture analyzer for a range of different applications. The automatic test setting function lets you quickly run multiple tests without additional user input and the built-in memories let you store that data future reference. The PMB offers smart features that have been developed to give you the ultimate performance for moisture analysis.

  • USB host for memory card and USB I/O interface
  • RS-232 interface
  • Built-in memories for storing products and settings
  • 3 settings for heating sample, ramp up, step and standard
  • Soft close door to protect heating element
  • Automatic test start setting for when the lid is closed
  • Pan lifter to easily remove samples
  • Large backlit display with dual text prompts
  • Security locking slot for kensington™ type lock and cable
  • ShockProtect™ overload protection
  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
PMB53 50 g0.001g / 0.01%90 mm / 3.5" dia.
Your Price: $2,205.75
PMB 163 160 g0.001 g (0.01%)90 mm / 3.5" dia.
Your Price: $2,460.75
PMB202 200 g0.01g / 0.05%90 mm / 3.5" dia.
Your Price: $2,290.75

Ohaus MB Series Moisture Analyzers

Designed to quickly, effectively and affordably measure moisture content, the OHAUS MB Series Moisture Analyzers incorporate state-of-the-art heating and weighing technologies that provide fast and accurate results. Perfect for applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical and research industries; versatile and rugged enough for continuous operation in food and beverage, quality control, environmental and many other applications. The MB Series Moisture Analyzers feature excellent repeatability properties for consistent accuracy during testing.

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Flexible Performance – The OHAUS MB Series provide accurate results from 0.01% to 0.1% readability. And with your choice of halogen or infrared heating, they are ideal for a wide variety of applications, from pharmaceutical and chemical to food, textile, wastewater and other applications.
  • Simple to Operate – Set up and operation is extremely easy. Just press and hold the temperature or time buttons to set drying parameters, add your sample and begin the test process. This makes the MB Series ideal for routine tasks performed by operators of all skill levels.
  • Compact, Easy-to-Clean Design – The compact footprint of the OHAUS MB Series is designed to take up less space on any counter top. Their easy-to-clean heating chambers are ideal for frequent use and inexpensive maintenance.

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
MB27 90 g0.01% / 0.001 g90mm / 3.54"Ø
Your Price: $2,486.25
MB23 110 g0.01 g90mm / 3.54" dia
Your Price: $2,486.25

Mettler Toledo HE Series Moisture Analyzers

Mettler Toledo's HE series moisture analyzers combine Mettler quality and dependability with affordability. Available in two versions, these moisture balances feature a large, backlit, LCD graphical display which visually guides the operater through setting the test and then shows all pertinent information while the test is running. The HE series have halogen heating elements with a robust design that can be used in the harshest of environments.

  • Mettler Toledo reliability
  • Large backlit graphical display
  • Modern robust design for long instrument lifetime
  • Quick setup
  • Online training an ready-to-use drying methods
  • 1 year Warranty

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
HE53 54 g1 mg (0.01%)3.5" / 90 mm dia.
Your Price: $2,632.50
HE73 71 g1 mg (0.01%)3.5" / 90 mm dia.
Your Price: $3,144.50

Ohaus MB Series Touchscreen Moisture Balances

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The Ohaus MB Series touchscreen moisture balances feature a wide, bright touchscreen display and intuitive menu navigation for fast, accurate moisture analysis. Moisture balances, with the many types of tests they perform, can be complicated to operate with just LCD screens and mechanical buttons so Ohaus introduces new touchscreen moisture balances with simple and easy operation. Setting up a test only takes few seconds of navigating through the intuitive settings on the bright touchscreen with icon driven menu navigation, no more navigating through opaque menu trees while reading through the operating manual. Available in two capacities, 120 and 90 grams, both units are readable to 1 milligram or 0.01% to provide you with the most accurate moisture tests. Standard RS232 and two USB ports provide quick connections to a PC, printer or flash drive. Four mechanical keys provide fast access to common functions like print, tare, start/stop or on/off.

  • Temperature Guide - Analyzes sample to determine optimum drying temperature
  • Methods Library - Program parameters for up to 100 samples
  • Data Storage - Store up to 1,000 results
  • Uniform Dryings - Reflective heating chamber ensures uniform heating
  • Halogen heating element for faster testing
  • Visual level assist application
  • Easy cleanup with stainless drying pan and removable underpan
  • GLP compliant
  • RS232 and USB interfaces standard
  • 2 year warranty

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
MB90 90 g0.001 g (0.01%)3.5" / 90mm
Your Price: $3,331.15
MB120 120 g0.001 g (0.01%)3.5" / 90mm
Your Price: $4,230.45

HC Series Touchscreen Moisture Analyzer

Make routine moisture determination easy with the HC103 halogen moisture analyzer which combines proven METTLER TOLEDO weighing technology with fast halogen heating. The compact design saves space, while the robust components guarantee a long instrument l

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
HC103 101 g1 mg (0.01%)3.5" / 90 mm dia.
Your Price: $4,432.00

Mettler Toledo High Performance Excellence Moisture Analyzers

When moisture matters, METTLER TOLEDO Excellence Moisture Analyzers deliver outstanding value. The innovative hanging weighing pan provides best measurement performance with highly reliable results in the shortest time possible. The One Click™ Moisture graphical user interface enables smooth and fast operation, featuring real-time drying curves and control charts. Rugged design and the new easy-cleaning concept ensure a long service life and disruption-free operation, both in the lab and on the factory floor.

  • High resolution and hanging-weighing pan for superior performance
  • Designed for measuring low moisture contents with up to 0.001% readability
  • Reduced measurement time with results prediction
CapacityReadabilityPan Size
HX204 200 g0.01% / 0.001%90 mm (sample pans)
Your Price: $10,246.30