Gilson 8" Sieve Shakers

Gilson 8" Sieve Shakers
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8" SS-15 Sieve Tester is a budget, portable, 8" / 203mm sieve shaker designed to outperform other comparably priced equipment. The 1/4-hp unit is widely accepted by state transportation departments for highway materials testing. Back and forth lateral motion is combined with up and down and tilting motions to cause test material to travel in an orbit on the sieve surfaces. This forced travel assures full use of sieve mesh area without precise leveling of the tester. The SS-15 is recommended primarily for No. 4 to No. 200 size range, but may be used with larger material sizes when specifications for sieve loading and sample quantities permit. The Tester holds 6 full-height sieves and pan or 13 half-height sieves and pan. Clamp bar with attached cover secures sieves. The 15-minute timer has an adjustable knob-stop for improved repeatability, and a "hold" feature for continuous running. Freestanding operation is normal, but may be mounted via holes provided in bottom end flanges.

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Model #: Sieve Diameter Capacity Electrical Price Quantity
SS-15 8" Sieves Full Height - 6
Half Height - 13
115 V / 60 Hz
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