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The Specific Gravity Bottles (Gay-Lussac) are unadjusted, with medium length interchangeable joints and capillary stoppers. The Pycnometer Bottles have a conical flask body which gives maximum stability. The thermometer has a universal 10/18 joint, with a temperature range of +14°C to 37°C in 2/10 Degree. The L2207 is used to obtain the specific gravity of pigments according to ASTM D-153. The cap has a universal 5/12 joint. The weighing bottle is designed from Federal Specification NNN-B-1493. The universal stopper has a closed bottom. The ID and height is 25mm x 50mm with an approximate volume of 16ml. The universal joint is 24/12 and approximately weighs 21 grams.

DescriptionASTM StandardAASHTO Standard
L2205 Bottle, Pycnometer, 10 mlD-153
L2207 Bottle, Pycnometer, 50 mlD-153
L2204 Bottle, Specific Gravity, 100 ml
L2202 Bottle, Specific Gravity, 25 ml
L2203 Bottle, Specific Gravity, 50 ml
L2234 Bottle, Weighing, 16 ml
L4301 Carboy, Plastic, 2 Gal
L4302 Carboy, Plastic, 5 Gal
L2301 Wash Bottle, Guth Glass, 1000 ml
L4172A Wash Bottle, Plastic W/Integrated Tube, 16 Oz / 500 ml
L4153 Wash Bottle, Plastic, 100 ml
L4172 Wash Bottle, Plastic, 16 Oz / 500 ml
L4154 Wash Bottle, Plastic, 250 ml
L4173 Wash Bottle, Plastic, 32 Oz / 1000 ml
L4155 Wash Bottle, Plastic, 500 ml
L4152 Wash Bottle, Plastic, 60 ml
L4171 Wash Bottle, Plastic, 8 Oz / 250 ml

General Glassware

These measuring pipettes are color coded with brown permanent graduations. The mouthpiece and tip are tempered. Each pipet is calibrated to comply with Fed. Spec. NNN-P-350 tolerance limitations.

These glass plates are etched on one side and used with the plastic limit set and the liquid limit set.

The L2872 Glass Stirring Rod has ends that are rounded and annealed. Designed from Federal Specification NNN-R-560, Type I requirements. The rod is 7-7/8" long.

The The watch glass is concave, clear, annealed glass covers with fire polished edges. Watch glass is used to return condensation to beakers.

DescriptionASTM StandardAASHTO Standard
L2853 Glass Plate, 12'' x 12'' x 3/8''
L2872 Glass Stirring Rod
L2804 Measuring Pipet, 1 ml
L2807 Measuring Pipet, 10 ml
L2808 Measuring Pipet, 25 ml
L2806 Measuring Pipet, 5 ml
L2914 Watch Glass, 12 pk
L2915 Watch Glass, 2 pk
L2925 Watch Glass, Each

Beaker / Measure

These high quality beakers are constructed from low expansion borosilicate. The large marking spot and double scale add extra convenience. The double graduations meet ASTM E-960 requirements with a limit of error ± 5% of full capacity. The sturdy design gives resistance to breakage.

These clear plastic beakers are for general laboratory use and can withstand temperatures up to 120°C. They are designed with a special no-drip pouring spouts and for convenience is graduated in ml and ounces.

These beakers are constructed from polished aluminum and have a low form with pour out. Each beaker is individually pressed and spun from one piece. These beakers are also designed with a flared top and a slightly tapered wall.

These Stainless Steel Griffin style beakers are precision-formed and accurately calibrated.

These stainless steel measures have easy to read graduations marked inside. They are calibrated in both ounces and c.c.'s and also features a pouring spout.

DescriptionASTM StandardAASHTO Standard
L3115 Beaker, Aluminum, 1000 ml
L3112 Beaker, Aluminum, 125 ml
L3116 Beaker, Aluminum, 2000 ml
L3113 Beaker, Aluminum, 250 ml
L3114 Beaker, Aluminum, 500 ml
L3111 Beaker, Aluminum, 60 ml
L2111 Beaker, Glass, 100 mlE-960
L2118 Beaker, Glass, 1000 mlE-960
L2112 Beaker, Glass, 150 mlE-960
L2119 Beaker, Glass, 2000 mlE-960
L2113 Beaker, Glass, 250 mlE-960
L2114 Beaker, Glass, 400 mlE-960
L1205 Beaker, Glass, 50 mlE-960
L2116 Beaker, Glass, 600 mlE-960
L4103 Beaker, Plastic, 100 ml
L4108 Beaker, Plastic, 1000 ml
L4105 Beaker, Plastic, 250 ml
L4102 Beaker, Plastic, 50 ml
L4106 Beaker, Plastic, 500 ml
L4107 Beaker, Plastic, 600 ml
L3134 Beaker, Stainless Steel, 1200 ml
L3131 Beaker, Stainless Steel, 125 ml
L3135 Beaker, Stainless Steel, 2000 ml
L3132 Beaker, Stainless Steel, 250 ml
L3139 Beaker, Stainless Steel, 4000 ml
L3133 Beaker, Stainless Steel, 600 ml
L4111 Measure, Stainless Steel, 1 QT
L4110 Measure, Stainless Steel, 1/2 QT

General Lab and Field Equipment

This bucket is constructed from heavy steel and has a 14 qt capacity. Used with the concrete sets.

These knives are constructed from the finest high carbon steel and genuine hickory wood. The blades are hand ground in order to maintain sharpness.

The L3601 spoon is constructed from 18 gauge, type 304 stainless steel which provides excellent shape retention and durability.

The L3652 12" straight edge is used with the slump cone test as a strike off bar and a variety of other uses. It is constructed from plated steel and has a beveled edge.

The L3705 rivited type crucible tongs are constructed from steel and are nickel-plated. The L3706 Beaker Safety Tongs are designed to hold hot beakers and similar vessels from 100 to 1500 ml capacity. Constructed from stainless steel with fiberglass-covered jaws.

These scoops are one piece castings constructed from quality stainresisting aluminum alloy. They also have a smooth permanent mold finish on the inside.

The blades on these spatulas are constructed from treated quality steel and they are taper ground from the handle to the tip to a precise degree of flexibility. The handles are hardwood and fastened by brass compression rivets.

DescriptionASTM StandardAASHTO Standard
L3706 Beaker Safety Tongs
L8128 Brush, Brass Bristle, 2-3/4''
L8131 Brush, Brass Bristle, 3/4''
L8101 Brush, Camel Hair, 1''
L8121 Brush, Coarse Wire W/Loop Handle, 1''
L8126 Brush, Curved Sieve
L8141 Brush, Dusting Flat, 1/4''
L8151 Brush, Dusting Flat, 2-1/2''
L8158 Brush, Fine Sieve, 1-1/4''
L8157 Brush, Nylon Sieve
L3156 Bucket, Heavy Steel ,14 QT
L8202 Bunsen Burner, Artificial, 300-800
L3705 Crucible Tongs
L8306 Dial Caliper, 0-12''
L8304 Digital Caliper, 0-6''
L8305 Digital Caliper, 0-8''
L4451 Funnel, 100 mm x 8 mm
L4454 Funnel, 120 mm x 9 mm
L4456 Funnel, 170 mm x 14 mm
L4458 Funnel, 260 mm x 19 mm
L8503 Gloves, Autoclave, 450 F, 13''
L8504 Gloves, Crusader, Nitrate Coated, 10''
L8504A Gloves, Crusader, Nitrate Coated, 14''
L8502 Heat Resistant Cloves W/Gauntlet, 2000 F, 14''
L3301 Knife, 4'' Paring
L3303 Knife, 6'' Butcher
L8231 Micro - Burner, Artificial, 300-800
L8232 Micro - Burner, Natural, 800-1200
L8542 Neoprene Gloves, Heavyweight, 12''
L8522 Neoprene Gloves, Lighteight, 10-1/2''
L3415 Scoo, Round Bottom, #2
L3418 Scoop, Flat Bottom, #3 Flat
L3411 Scoop, Round Bottom, #0
L3414 Scoop, Round Bottom, #1
L3416 Scoop, Round Bottom, #3
L3516 Spatula, Flexible Blade, 10''
L3517 Spatula, Flexible Blade, 12''
L3511 Spatula, Flexible Blade, 3''
L3512 Spatula, Flexible Blade, 4''
L3514 Spatula, Flexible Blade, 6''
L3515 Spatula, Flexible Blade, 8''
L3561 Spatula, Stiff Blade, 3-1/2'' x 3''
L3551 Spatula, Stiff Blade, 3-5/8'' x 1-1/4''
L3601 Spoon, 12'' St. Stl.
L3652 Straight Edge, 12'' Plated Steel
L8302 Vernier Caliper, 0-6''