Mellen Muffle Furnaces

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Mellen Microtherm™ Box Furnaces

Mellen Microtherm™ series box furnaces with integrated controllers.
The Mellen Microtherm™ box furnaces are capable of operating up to 1250°C and feature fast heat up rates. These units come with everything you need in a box furnace, inlucding 2 gas ports (in and out), a vent port and integrated dual display controllers. Controllers are programmable with 8 programs of 8 ramp/soak segments.,

  • Exposed APM Heating Elements on 4 sides of the internal chamber
  • Fast Heat Up Rates; 30°C / minute standard
  • Door Interlock Switch which interrupts power to the furnace when the furnace’s door is opened
  • 2 gas ports located in the rear wall for gas in & gas out
  • Vent Port located in the top back wall of the furnace
  • Integrated Dual Display Controller (Omega CN7800 Series)
  • 8 Ramp / Soak / Programs – 8 Segments
  • Autotune and Universal Input
  • 1 Auxiliary Alarm Output
  • Integrated Over-Temperature Protection
  • RS485 Communications Port
  • 10’ power cord

Chamber (WxHxD) / VolumeMax TemperatureController Type
MV12.5-9X9X9-1Z-IOT 1,250°C9 x 9 x 9 inches208/240V
Your Price: $3,901.00
MV12.5-12X12X12-1Z-IOT 1,250°C12 x 12 x 12 inches208/240V
Your Price: $7,478.00
MV12.5-15X15X15-1Z-IOT 1,250°C15 x 15 x 15 inches208/240V
Your Price: $8,042.00