Pocket DO Meters

Pocket dissolved oxygen meters fit in the palm of your hand.
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Ohaus Starter DO Pen Meters

Convenient Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Measurement at your Fingertips

For over a century, OHAUS has perfected the art of measurement through our line of weighing products. Taking a similar approach to our weighing equipment, OHAUS now delivers Starter 20D - a Pen DO Meter that is durable, practical and affordable. The ST20D is perfect for every application that requires portable operation and quick results!

Standard Features Include:

  • Simple Operation in a Slim and Portable Design
    Simple and easy to operate, ST20Dguarantees convenient measurements that you can rely on every time. Slim design ensuresmaximum portability for measurements on-the-go.
  • Durable Construction to Withstand Wear and Tear
    With durable plastic housing, aprotective cap that safeguards the probe and an automatic shutdown feature that preservesbattery life, the ST20D can endure consistent use in rugged environments.
  • Designed for Maximum Protection with Waterproof Housing and Wrist Strap
    The IP67waterproof design ensures maximum protection by preventing water damage if accidentallydropped into liquid, and come equipped with a wrist strap to avert unintentional dropping.

ST20D DO0.0 - 19.9 mg/L0.1 mg/L
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