Ohaus ST3100-B Starter 3100 Bench Meter

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The Ohaus ST3100-B benchtop pH meter includes the meter and a standalone electrode holder. The Ohaus Starter 3100 series bench pH meter is an advanced level professional meter. This meter includes advanced features such as a 99 set data memory, automatic and manual temperature compensation, auto buffer recognition and an RS232 interface to connect to peripherals. The Starter 3100 alse features endpoint functions to determine the stability of readings and a calibration confirmation symbol appears on the display to confirm accuracy of calibration.

  • Three -point calibration
  • Adjustable electrode holder
  • Automatic and manual temperature compensation
  • Automatic and manual endpoint functions determine the stability of the readings
  • Auto buffer recognition
  • 99 sets of data memory and last calibration data recall
  • Self-diagnostic software
  • Icon appears on the display to confirm accurate calibration
  • RS232 interface to connect to a printer or peripherals
  • Quick reference guide included
Technical Specifications:
Measurement Range -2.00 - 16.00 pH
±1,999 mV
-5°C - 110°C
Resolution 0.01 pH
1 mV
Accuracy ±0.01 pH
±1 mV
Calibration Up to 3 Points, 3 Predefined Buffer Groups
Memory 99 Measurements, Last Calibration Data
Power Supply 110 - 240V/50Hz, DC 12V
Display Backlit LCD
Size (WxDxH) / Weight 8.7 x 6.9 x 3.1 inches / 1.65 lbs
Input BNC, impedance > 10e+12 Ω
Cinch, NTC 30 kΩ (Temperature)
Temperature Compensation ATC/MTC
Housing ABS