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Thermo Scientific TSX High-Performance Pharmacy Refrigerators

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series high-performance pharmacy refrigerators are designed with features that support sample protection and sustainability objectives for the storage of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, chemotherapy and other medical and pharmacy-grade storage requiring 2° to 8°C. The Series' V-drive technology is designed to provide temperature uniformity that continually adapts to user patterns, offering significant energy savings without compromising protection.

  • Designed to safely store pharmaceuticals, vaccines, chemotherapy and other medical-grade storage requiring a temperature range of 2°C to 8°C
  • Whisper quiet with a sound level of 52 dBA, enabling end users to work alongside the refrigerator without distraction
  • Unique V-drive technology is designed to detect usage patterns such as door openings when a higher compressor speed is needed and periods of stability where the compressor runs at a lower speed, saving energy without compromising protection
  • Up to 40% less energy usage than conventional refrigerant models*
  • Natural, R290 refrigerants and water-blown foam make the TSX Series compliant with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP)
  • Manufactured in an award-winning, zero-waste to landfill facility
  • Operating temperature range of 2° to 8°C, factory setpoint at 5°C
  • Convenient, sliding drawer baskets for simplified inventory and access
  • Lower HVAC costs as a result of less heat emission into the environment*
  • Easy to use microprocessor control with interior light, setpoint security and alarms
  • Compatible with wireless monitoring systems and remote alarm contacts
  • Standard door locks provide comfort and assurance
  • Ergonomic door handle
  • Optional chart recorders available

TSX1205PA 11.5 CU FT (326L)Glass115V
Your Price: $4,999.00
TSX1205PD 11.5 CU FT (326L)Glass208-230V (60Hz)
Your Price: $5,739.00
TSX2305PA 23 CU FT (650L)Glass115V
Your Price: $5,799.00
TSX2305PD 23 CU FT (650L)Glass208-230V (60Hz)
Your Price: $7,279.00
TSX3005PA 29.2 CU FT (827L)Glass115V
Your Price: $6,349.00
TSX3005PD 29.2 CU FT (827L)Glass208-230V (60Hz)
Your Price: $7,919.00
TSX5005PA 51 CU FT (1,447L)Double Glass115V
Your Price: $10,889.00
TSX5005PD 51 CU FT (1,447L)Double Glass208-230V (60Hz)
Your Price: $10,889.00