Scientech Semi-Micro Balances

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Scientech ZSM Semi Micro Balances

Scientech has now coupled our new revolutionary direct loading sensor design into a semi micro (0.01 mg) balance. This unique marriage gives you the advantage of the first-of-its-kind micro balance that has the ability to last decades under extreme abuse. No longer do you have to worry about damaging a high priced micro balance through rough treatment. The new model is called our ZSM 50 and is part of our patented Zeta Series which no other balance manufacturer can match. The core of this new Zeta balance is based on a direct loading, electromagnetic, force restoration cell concept, which differs dramatically from the normal lever or mono-block designs. The result is a more rugged balance with an easily repairable, modular sensor while enabling high perfonnance. In addition, the unrivaled ZSM 50 semi micro balance is handcrafted in the USA and retains all the accuracy, durability, and user-friendly standard features you have come to expect from Scientech. Also you will be assured by knowing that you are backed by an ISO9001 manufacturer and a 5-year warranty in North America.

  • GLP/GMP/ISO compatible
  • Auto zero tracking
  • Built-in security bracket
  • Dynamic weighing
  • Selectable filtering
  • USB and RS232 data interfaces
  • Capacity tracker
  • Stability indicator
  • Check weighing
  • Percent weighing
  • Parts counting
  • Multiple units of measure
  • 5 year warranty

CapacityReadabilityPan Size
ZSM 50 50 g0.01 mgØ3.5"
Your Price: $3,257.10