7291 - 200MM Test Sieve, No. 12 Mesh, Full Height, Stainless Frame - Stainless Cloth

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Model 7291 is a 200MM test sieve with a No. 12 mesh. This sieve is constructed with a Stainless Frame - Stainless Cloth and is Full Height. Proudly made in the USA.

**Each test sieve is supplied with a serial number and a matching test sieve certificate of conformance to ASTM E-11

***For soldered sieves, add an "S" to the model number (call to order)

Technical Specifications:
Model Number7291
Sieve Diameter200MM
ConstructionStainless Frame - Stainless Cloth
Sieve HeightHeight - 2-5/8" | Depth - 2"
Mesh - U.S. StandardNo. 12
Mesh - Metric Size1.70 mm
Country of ManufactureUSA