Explosion Proof Stirring Hot Plates

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Thermo Scientific Thermolyne Explosion-Proof SAFE-TSHP9 Stirring Hot Plates

Explosion Proof!
Secure the people and items around hazardous applications, including Class I, Group C and D flammable gases or solvent vapors with Thermo Scientific™ Explosion-Proof SAFE-T SHP9 Stirring Hotplates, featuring thermostatic control, overtemperature safety monitors and precise temperature stability. The hotplates are UL listed for Class I, Groups C and D hazardous atmospheres in which flammable gases or solvent vapors can produce explosive or ignitable mixtures.,

  • UL listed explosion proof; meets IEC1010 laboratory standard
  • Thermostatic control
  • Over-temperature safety control
Product Description
  • UL Listed for Class I, Group C and D hazardous atmospheres
  • Safe in hazardous situations where Class I, Group C and D flammable gases or solvent vapors can produce explosive or ignitable mixtures
  • Stir solutions with a viscosity of 1200 centipoise at 400 rpm (@ 21.5°C)
  • Large, aluminum top plate surface 9.1" x 9.1" (23.2 cm x 23.2 cm) provides efficient heat transfer and excellent temperature uniformity. Uniformity of top plate at 70°C (158°F) is ± 2°C (± 4°F)
  • Electronic temperature control: temperature range from 38°C to 220°C; 100°F to 428°F
  • Precise electronic heat control maintains temperature stability within ±2°C (±4°F)
  • Automatic over temperature safety switch cuts power to unit if top plate temperature exceeds 280°C
  • Sturdy construction allows maximum load capacity, 25 lb. (11.3 kg) on top plate
  • Stainless steel case is easily cleaned and maintained
  • Designed for sparkless, hardwired connection. Unit has 45.7 cm lead wire and conduit attachment
  • Optional dial thermometer, with 0°C to 300°C range, fits directly into top plate and measures surface temperature
  • Accommodates a metal vessel
  • Heat and stir flammable chemicals or solvents (Class I, Group C & D)
  • Heat-treat and uniformly mix coatings
  • Silicon wafer etching
  • Quality control - test viscosities of oils (petroleum-base) and water/organic content analysis

Pan Size / TypeTemperature / Stirring RangeController Type
SP87325 9.1" x 9.1" / Aluminum38°C - 220°CAnalog
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