Thermo Orion ORP/Redox Electrodes

Get accurate ORP/Redox reading with Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ ORP/Redox electrodes.
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Thermo Orion® Redox/ORP and ORP Triode Electrodes

ORP measurements are easily made with your choice or ORP electrodes. Use our reliable ORP standard and compare your results to the Standard Hydrogen Electrode. The 9678BNWP is an durable epoxy body electrode with a non-clog Sure-Flow junction. The 9778BNWP offers a chemical resistant glass body. ORP triodes have a durable epoxy body and can measure temperature also. They are available in refillable design or low-miantenance gel filled styles.

Measuring RangePrecisionTemperature Range
9678BNWP ±2,000 mV0.1/1 mV0 - 90°C
Your Price: $516.80
9778BNWP ±2,000 mV0.1/1 mV0 - 100°C
Your Price: $554.90
9180BNMD ±2,000 mV0.1/1 mV0 - 90°C
Your Price: $524.00
9179BNMD ±2,000 mV0.1/1 mV0 - 80°C
Your Price: $407.40