Hogentogler Building

Hogentogler & Co., Inc., a family business, was started in 1939 by Chester Hogentogler, the son of materials scientist C. A. Hogentogler whom the ASTM International Hogentogler award is named after.

Beginning as an engineering consulting firm, the company soon started manufacturing the equipment to carry out materials testing standards developed by C. A. Hogentogler and associates on the ASTM committee D18 on Soil and Rock. After years of successful consulting, the company decided to concentrate on the manufacture of testing equipment and added Cone Penetrometer (CPT) manufacturing to its portfolio of equipment. Hogentogler developed the first truly digital cone and manufactured numerous types of pushing equipment for this technology.

Hogentogler CPT rig testing in the field
Hogentogler CPT rig in the field

As a leader in CPT and materials testing equipment, Hogentogler continued enhancing its reputation for advanced technology .

With the dawn of the internet and e-commerce, the company is now focusing on bringing its decades of experience with scientific equipment to provide value to our customers in the broader laboratory and light industrial markets. We have had relationships with many of our vendors going back decades. We leverage these relationships to our customers' benefit with expert advice, deep product knowledge and, most importantly, truly affordable prices!