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Liebherr Mediline General Purpose Lab Freezers

Liebherr general purpose lab freezers combine digital control and performance for outstanding everyday operation. The precision electronic control with digital temperature display enable temperatures to be set accurately. The electronic control is flush-mounted and equipped with a membrane keyboard for optimal hygiene. Visual and audible alarm systems alert the user to undesired temperature deviations or when the door is open. All alarm parameters can be individually set. For example, the door open alarm delay can be adjusted between 1 and 5 minutes. Additional safety is provided by a sensor defect alarm. Units are equipped with a volt-free contact for alarm forwarding to an external remote warning system, as well as with a RS 485 serial interface which enables central documentation of temperature profiles and alarm events. LTM documentation software is optionally available. Maximum temperature stability is ensured by the cooling systems of the laboratory freezers, in conjunction with precision electronic controls. All units are designed according to the EN 60068-3 standard with regard to maximum temperature stability and consistency. All come equipped with 1-point calibration for accurate temperature control. This allows for compensation between the set temperature and the actual internal temperature. Positive or negative changes to the correction value can be made in steps of 0.1 K. The electronic control is equipped with an integrated data memory which logs the maximum and minimum internal temperatures as well as the last three temperature alarms and power failures, together with the time, date and duration. The logged data can be read on the digital display. Laboratory appliances with electronic controls are equipped with an access port (10 mm / 13/32 inch diameter) in the rear, allowing for the temperature sensor to be positioned in the interior.

  • Flush mounted digital temperature displays
  • Integrated data memory logs max/min temperatures up to 41 days
  • Programmable integrated visual and audio alarms
  • 1-point calibration function
  • Volt-free contact for alarm forwarding to external remote warning system
  • Easy to clean, commercial grade, molded polystyrol inner liner
  • Access port for connecting independent temperature sensors
  • Replaceable door seals
  • Self-closing doors with an integrated lock
  • HFC free
  • German engineering, made in Austria
  • 3 year warranty, 5 years for refrigeration system

VolumeTemperature RangeDoor Style
LFB19W1HC 19 CU FT-10°C to -32°CSolid
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